By The Sword #1

Posted: February 28, 2011 in By The Sword, Novels

About a year ago, I had an idea. A sword-wielding Glasgow killer, like those nutters who hack at people with internet Samurai swords. But this bloke would be the real thing, a combination of Japanese warrior and Glasgow hardman. His name came at the same time: Banzai Billy. Great ideas, but I needed a story to hang around him.

Then, there was the Alibi crime writing competition. It even supplied a first line, courtesy of Stuart Macbride: Those who beg for mercy deserve it the least. This sparked a 5,000 word short story featuring crime analyst Grace Andrew and a web of betrayal leading to Banzai Billy.

It wasn’t a very good short story. Too much happened in it. So, it didn’t win. But those great people at the Glasgow Writers Group suggested that I turned it into a novel. So I did. The core idea was still there, but the story grew a front end and back end, plus supporting characters including the corrupt politician ‘Big’ Jim McConnarty, and a final showdown in Japan. I even spoke to Stuart MacBride who said I could keep his first line.

Now, the novel is nearly finished and this is its story…while I remember it!

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