By The Sword #4

Posted: February 28, 2011 in By The Sword, Novels

Despite developing Billy’s own visit to Japan, and his backstory, the last few chapters still lacked something. They were certainly intriguing (I thought anyway!) but not really punchy or gripping. So I decided to put Grace in more danger, pursued by the shady followers of the nationalistic secret society and cult that was sheltering Billy.

By the time this was over, she resembled the cartoon character Penelope Pittstopp, with a Japanese Anthill Mob running to her rescue. This was really enjoyable and turned a lacklustre sandwich chapter into (what I hope will be) a white knuckle chase.

This takes the story nearly to the end. It is currently at 53,000 words. The final two chapters will probably add another 8,000 words, and will be the most enjoyable part of the novel…the final encounter, and the tying up of loose ends which seems to unravel!

Then, it’s back to the start. I have the books ‘McGraw’ and ‘Murder Capital’ by Reg McKay, which provide some background into gangland Glasgow. The unfolding investigation is complete in terms of police procedure and plot, but is perhaps a bit colourless. For anyone unfamiliar with Reg Mckay’s style of writing, it is about as far from colourless as you can get!

Today is February 28 2011. By 31 March 2011, I hope to have a complete first draft to take on holiday for a detailed edit, somewhere between 65,000 and 70,000 words. I’ve been kidding myself all along that my works-in-progress have been near-to-final drafts. It made me feel better at the time!

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