Story: The Clown Who Laughs

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Stories

This story is about two hitchhikers, Gwyneth and Dean, who watch as a circus convoy passes in eerie night-time silence along a deserted wilderness road.  They wave down a minibus full of clowns, who are drunk and tired after a stag night performance, carrying a large cache of drugs. Dean provokes an argument, laughing at the spectacle of a clown filled minibus and is punched, falling to the ground, cracking his head open. Gwyneth runs away and is pursued by the clowns, panicked by the thought of police involvement. After catching her, and debating whether to kill her or tie her up, the sinister Harelquin suggests that she is kept as part of the act, drugged and compliant, and wields a knife to stop her talking and make her smile even though she doesn’t want to…..

This was inspired by an idea that just popped into my head and given a new ending thanks to a suggestion by another writer, which unlocked the influence of Victor Hugo’s The Man Who Laughed, filmed in the 1920s, featuring the mutilated Gwymplaine, the inspiration behind The Joker character.

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