‘By The Sword’ accepted for publication

Posted: September 20, 2011 in By The Sword, Novels

My novel ‘By The Sword’ has been accepted for publication! The publisher will be Wild Wolf Publishing, who specialise in dark and edgy fiction. I have already published ‘Storm Coming Down’ in their ‘Holiday of the Dead’ anthology. This is great news and really exciting but there is one lesson that comes out of the experience for writers: finishing the novel is when the hard work really begins. I suspect there is a second lesson: getting a publishing contract is when the really hard work really begins. The book must be marketed and promoted, brought out into the public domain so that people know about it and can decide whether to buy it or not (hopefully the former!)

Anyway, enough of the technicah stuff. Here is my attempt at the blurb:

A macabre discovery in a city cemetery…

A political scandal engulfing the city…

A samurai-obsessed swordsman on the rampage…

 The severed body parts point to one man: gangland killer ‘Banzai Billy’ Boyle.

 What lies at the root of his obsession with the bushido culture of Japan? How is he linked to sleazy politician  and prospective MP ‘Big Jim’ McConnarty? Are the walls of Barlinnie Prison secure enough to contain him? Can police crime analyst Grace Andrew track him down before she becomes the next victim?

 This conspiracy unravels in horrific detail as it twists and turns from the grimy backstreets of Glasgow to the cherry-blossom groves of Japan, where it reaches a terrifying and gut-wrenching conclusion.

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