Cats … coming soon!

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here’s a preview of Cats. This novel will be written in November as part of National Novel Writing Month in November. It is a tribute to James  Herbert’s early stories, especially The Rats, and intended for fun as an ebook release. There was a novel by Nick Sharman called The Cats, released in 1977, that wasn’t well-received by critics, who saw it as an attempt to cash in on Herbert’s genre of natural phenomenon horror.  The plot is quite simple … natural bacterium occurring in cats, which subverts human behaviour, is genetically modified with dire consequences. Toxoplasma gondii occurs in cats and has been linked with cat and human behaviour, including schizophrenia (about half of humans apparently carry the bacterium worldwide). They didn’t have genetic modification techniques back in the 70s otherwise it might have been seized upon by Herbert and those he inspired at the time.

James Herbert is a good and underrated writer, worth a read even if you don’t particularly like horror.

Thanks to Lesley Carus and David Cooper for the graphic.

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