I started writing short stories in 2008, at a writers workshop in St Andrews. We produced our own booklet, and then I found other writers in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Since then I have written nearly fifty short stories and a novel, with a lot of work in progress, and it just never stops! About a dozen of these (not the novel yet!) have been published last time I checked. The main reason for writing is enjoyment and there is a buoyant community of writers and readers out there and online.

My inspirations are horror and dark fiction. I am married with two children, had a career as an Royal Air Force officer, and now live in central Scotland.  I have another page on this website called ‘Inspirations’ … check it out.

The black dog does exist, by the way. It might be lingering outside your window on a dark and windy night, staring up with glowing eyes and red-flecked fangs….

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