Short Stories, 28 August

This excellent session by Susie Maguire focussed on the short story and exercises in imagination.

I knocked up the story “Danger!” inspired by the scene of a train and a selection of objects…



The train passed by the sandy beach, the blue sea lapping gently at the shore outside the window.  The Cote D’Azur.  France.  Abroad.  Danger!  I didn’t have much time before I was discovered.  I leaned over the handbag and opened it, rummaging around inside.  Cigarettes – no useNotebook.  Excellent, I thought, tearing off a page.  Foil-wrapped object, ‘condom’ stamped on the packaging – this might come in useful.  I needed to act quickly while the compartment was empty.

 I had memorised the code and scribbled the message furtively.  A door slammed further down the carriage and I froze.  After seconds of heart-racing terror I heard nothing.  I scrawled the rest of the message, huddled over the open bag.

 Package is in Locker 23, Toulon Station.  I am in danger.

 I tore open the foil wrapper and extracted the latex object, folding up the piece of paper, slipping it inside and tying a knot in the end.  I just needed a few more moments.

 I opened the window and the air snatched at my hand.  I picked up the secret message, ready to cast it out.

 The door rattled open.  Too late.

 ‘Daniel, what are you doing?’ asked Mum.  My older sister gasped in horror as she saw the strewn contents of her open handbag and what I was holding.  I was in big trouble!

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