In The Blood (extract)

He found a cushion to prop under his elbow and he relaxed in anticipation as he watched Mortimer bend over him, first with a tourniquet and then with the needle.  He slipped slowly into sublime bliss as he felt the warmth spread through his body.


His dreams were beautiful at first, but then they took a sinister turn.  One moment he was floating over clouds, over mountains, and the next moment he was plummeting earthwards.  He flew past jagged mountain tops, downwards towards the ground.  The clouds flew past him as he descended and the sun fell towards the earth, the moon rising in its wake.  Darkness fell as he plummeted, and blackness engulfed him.  He awoke on a slab, deep in the earth, and a leering fanged face was above his.  Blood dripped from the ghoul’s mouth and he felt his dream-self collapse into unconsciousness.  He awoke in deep womblike darkness, surrounded by the pulsing throb of his heartbeat, secure in its cool embrace.  He felt his dream-self doze for a long time, slumbering in the womb.

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